Mindfulness in Movement

Practicing mindfulness through movement.

Exercise and movement can be practiced as an effective way to reduce stress.

The video and the instruction MP3 which is included in the eight week course, will guide you through a series of simple movement exercises that you can easily use in your daily life.

When you expand your mindful attention and awareness to include the whole body, including posture and movement, you deepen your sense of being and living in the body with a more integrated sense of presence.

In this current day and age we are so often constrained to develop our intellectual ability at the expense of our physical use of the body. In order to cultivate a balance in our life, it helps to make a clear effort to ensure that we do some form of movement or exercise on a regular basis. Stress prevents the mind from acting freely, this in turn, affects the body. When we hold on tightly, out of fear with tension, we block the natural flow and rhythm of body and mind. This can manifest in the body as a physical pain or symptom and we may then wonder why we have a stiff neck, a bad back or a headache.

Simple non strenuous quiet forms of movement drawn from oriental exercises such as Tai Qi and Qi gong and Yoga emphasise relaxation and mental and physical integration. They have been used for thousands of years to develop balance and bring calm within body and mind, cultivating and strengthening health and longevity. These systems of knowledge recognise that when the mind and body are caught up in a prolonged negative pattern of thinking and intense emotion that this can become an internal cause of disease and illness.