Session Four - Coping With Stress

Session Four

Understanding Stress.

Stress reaction cycle

Symptoms of Stress.

Stuck on hyperarousal

Changing the way you respond to stress.

Building resiliance

Three step breathing: Exercise.

Expanding awareness of breathing

Coping with stress

Coping with stress.

Mindfulness gives us the tools we need to build resilience and to cope with stressful events.

In session four we are encouraged to use our new ability to bring ourselves to the present moment and to experience what is truly going on rather than what we think or fear may happen. Through practicing the body scan, the sitting meditation and mindfulness in movement we can have a greater insight and understanding of how stress and anxiety and worry affect us. This new awareness can be practised in your every day experience and will help you to handle stressful events as they arise.

Learning to pay attention to this very moment now.


    1. 10 minutes each day practice either /or both: The body scan or sitting meditation.
    2. In addition become aware of using the walking meditation in your daily life. Walking in and around the house, at work or when shopping, become more aware of your routine actions and habits.