Session Three - Moving into life

Mindfulness Health Session Three

Day One - Mindfulness in Movement.

Awareness of of body and mind together

Day One - Waking Up the Body and Mind Exercise.

Releasing stress and tension

Day Two - Opening and Stretching Exercise.

Letting go

Day Three - Do-In Tapping Exercise.

Encouraging flow

Day Four - Tai Chi Exercise.

Calm and stillness

Day Five - Qi Gong Exercise.

Strengthening body and mind

Day Six - Walking Meditation Exercise.

The present moment is the destination

Day Seven - Mindful Awareness.

Arriving in the moment

Day Seven - Coming to Your Senses.

The little things in life

Practicing mindfulness through movement.

When you expand your mindful attention and awareness to include the whole body, including posture and movement, you deepen your sense of being and living in the body with a more integrated sense of presence.

Bringing mindful awareness to the body and mind