What is the Body Scan?

The body scan is an excellent way to train the mind to focus and direct conscious attention at will.


The body scan is the first mindfulness practice in the series and provides the foundation for all the other meditation techniques that you will learn throughout the course.

The body scan is a powerful and effective technique that you can use to help develop the ability to focus your attention over extended periods of time at will. It helps you to build increased awareness, concentration, flexibility and trust in your experience in the moment. The practice of the body scan is a simple and useful way to re-connect with your body, to calmly listen, and recognise with awareness and acceptance the sensations and feelings in the body as they are in the very moment. In this way with awareness you can get to know your body through experience, rather than thinking you know your body in your mind. This will help you to respond to the signals that your body communicates and respond in clear and appropriate ways.